Monday, September 07, 2009

Want to go to law school? Study physics!

A new study looks at the average LSAT scores of students with different undergraduate majors, sometimes grouping related fields together to gather a statistically significant sample. (Via.) And the best scores were attained by students studying:

  1. Physics/Math (160.0)
  2. Economics (157.4)
  3. Philosophy/Theology (157.4)
  4. International Relations (156.5)
  5. Engineering (156.2)

At the bottom of the list? Prelaw (148.3) and Criminal Justice (146.0).

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bludog said...

Interesting. A friend of my daughter's graduated from Centenary about six yeas ago with a degree in physics. He worked in Shreveport in a nonphysics job until this fall when he began law school at U. of Ark.